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About us

ZYRON s.r.o. is a slovak company mainly focused in IT world. We design, create and implement the best IT solution for you. Our team puts every piece of skills in its work. Systems which we work on, has a wide range of applications in information technology but also in operation technology.


ZYRON has 30 years of experience in implementing IT solutions for manufacturing and industry clients. As projects grew we take roles from programming, system administrators to overall system architects and do the full project management.

We have gained experience in bid data solutions and our company is Certified Kafka expert.

Over a past year ZYRON has delivered various IT solutions for the Jaguar Land Rover associated with building new factory in Slovakia. This includes managing communication from PLCs to top systems and provide well-kown technologies like ElasticSearch or mentioned Confluent Kafka. Other systems for running the production smooth (Gap & Flush, Inline Monitoring, MES and Facility Monitoring) have been put into service by our participation too.

We are also a part of RB WEB which is a software upgrade for data acquisition and processing systems from technological processes.

Experience IN

We benefit from our experience in areas such as Big Data Technologies using ElasticSearch, Kibana and Confluent Kafka. Our team is experienced in different programming languages – Basic, Java, C, C++ or C# also SQL, HTML, PHP, HTML5, VBscript, javascript and batch scripting Windows/Linux.

Relation Databases – MS SQLServer, MySql, Potsgress, DB/2, DB/2-4 , LANSA
Software systems – SCADA, CRM, ERP/ MRP, MIS, BI, CMS, MES
Administration IT/IS and Systems – Linux, Windows Server, Virtualization Proxmox

Speed and quality is the key

Nowadays quality matters, but quantity also plays big. We understand this and we use only verified systems and best of technology in our solutions for you. If you want to know more about it, explore Apache Kafka® here or read about great data analytics engine – Elasticsearch here.

Get your solution today

Feel free to contact us about any issues in your industry. We are ready to provide the best IT solutions exactly for you.

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