Apache Kafka®

Removing the tight grip of legacy systems in production environments.

Ever tried to add a new piece of technology into an existing production environment?

The Problem

As part of a team that deployed a large scale production platform for a European manufacturer I saw the effects legacy applications have in restricting how new innovation can be implemented to create value and increase efficiency across the production floor.

There is so much emphasis on driving efficiency in production environments these days as Global growth is slowing. This is becoming evident across the manufacturing industry.

Why do we rely so heavily on legacy applications still in manufacturing?

This is something that still haunts me to this day how do we still think we can apply real change when we constantly go back to old legacy systems that cause more restrictions in allowing data to be utilized and shared across all parts of the manufacturing process from planing all the way to the production floor.

Lets take a look at how we are able to overcome these problems in a way that can decouple the legacy systems without causing any impact to the manufacturing process.

Micro service your legacy applications!

The benefits include:

  • Easier to select applications that best meet specific requirements
  • Fast and efficient in replacing or integrating new tools
  • Reduction in cost of infrastructure
  • Applications can use the same data source without impacting the source agents
  • Drive actions from correlated data using streams of real-time data

so the question is back to you how do we drive innovation around legacy systems in production?

by Zac Zacharia

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